Adding a counter

Hi folks - please let me know how to add a page counter to my pages… also, will the counter show on the page (would prefer it did not) and if not, how do I access the results of the counter. Lastly, I have many, many pages - over 200 at this stage - is it a good idea to put a counter on each page to see which pages are getting hits? Many thanks in advance!


I think the best way to achieve app use tracking would be to include e.g. Google Analytics to your app and track usage, however at this point it does involve some coding, here’s a thread about it. Another solution that comes to my mind would be to use a backend and creating a record to it with the timestamp and the name of the opened page. Then you can look at the results in your backend. Not the most sophisticated or scalable solution but it’s something :grin:

However 200 pages is a lot for one app and will affect its performance if you try to use it. I would first and foremost look into restructuring it and try to use dynamic content to display different data in one page, instead of creating a new pages and hardcoding everything :slight_smile:

after searching i also found these two options (free)

and here are some more options

(havent used any of them yet)
Also out of curiosity whats the subject of the app that uses 200 pages?

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Hi, many thanks for the idea - I will give it a try. My app is about destinations - Cecilia suggested I reconfigure the backend but I have NO clue what that means :frowning: Copy and paste and then hard-coding every page is what I know and understand - I come from a typesetting and design background and just looking at coding makes my eyes water and my head spin :slight_smile:

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Many thanks Cecilia - much appreciation for your input. I have to be honest and say I have no clue how a backend would work - simple copy and paste the basic layout and then hard-coding each page is where my knowledge level sits - I come from a graphics background - probably WAY out of my league in trying to create an app at 60! Many thanks!!

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Well done, for your age and your passion, from what i understand you dont even use a backend, you just hard write all the information in the app.(which is not a good practice because it will be huge in size)
Are you making an app for smartphone or website if you dont mind asking?

Hi, An App, website, FB and supporting YouTube channel - got to keep the brain busy! I realise that I’m probably not going about this the best way, but it’s all text with buttons and alerts and links - no fancy images or data munching items other than 1 link to Google My Maps and two JPEGS. Crossing fingers and toes it will work when it comes time to launch! The previews work very well even on my terrible internet connection :slight_smile:

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Nice work! i think and hope that because of the simple structure you wont have any problems, i wish the best for this idea.