Adding a second Database table

So I’m using Backendless database.
I wish to use a number of tables in the database. Each with relations.
Simple question to start. How do I perform a get from my second or third tables?
Using the Data Configurator I have to set up one table only.

I can add a Data Resource for each table. Is this correct?

Yes, you add a separate data resource for each table. At least thats how i had to do it in Airtable also.

Thank you for that.
I spent about 5 hours trying to make the HTTP flow function perform a simple GET and still failed.

You can do it either way with HTTP Request flow function, or REST API Data resource.

How do I save the data from the flow function HTTP request GET?
I have used it to post but just can’t figure the GET.

Use a Set App Variable (or Set Page Variable) = outputs[“HTTP GET”].resBody