Adding audio effects to the app

Hi, I’m trying to find a way to play a satisfying ‘tsk’ sound when the order is confirmed.

I don’t seem to find any flow function in the marketplace for that. The only one i found was the music player, which I believe is used for making mp3 player apps. I’m just looking to add some audio effects to my app.
If, the audio player module will suffice for this, pleas guide me through how to use it, as I don’t seem to find a way to import audio files into appgyver. It rather asks for a local machine path or an URL.

Thanks :))

I think that the audio player you mentioned is probably the best option for you. It would probably be easier to store the audio in firebase or another source.

In the video I made below at 41:25 i have a sample flow for an audio player. I apologize that this video isn’t necessarily for the specific issue, but does show an audio player in action.

Video: How To Set Up The Simple Sharing App - Get Your Own App To Let Users Share Their Own Custom Pages! - YouTube

Hi, storing the file in firebase will make the app download audio everytime. Is there a way to implement this offline?
I thought this is a pretty basic feature

Maybe I can store the audio file in the Local Device DB ???

I don’t think its possible to bundle the app with the audio files. Although you can reference a localfile path to the user’s system folders.

I just want to implement this basic functionality of making a sound on a keypress, why is it so complicated?