Adding Firebase to my app

Hi guys,

I would love to use firebase and google analytics in my app (mostly used as a webapp).
Can anyone please explain how to do this? I find the tutorial too technical for my (no-code) technical skills.

I believe that this must happen: Add Firebase to your JavaScript project
I have it all settled in the Firebase side, but I have no idea how to connect it to AppGyver

Check out this YouTube playlist. Appgyver / Firebase CRUD - 1 Setup Firebase - YouTube

ALl the best.

Thanks @Amal_Prasad
Though, the tutorial is about adding a database with an API, whereas I look to just use cloud messaging, which does not seem to have an API function built-in…

Hi! There are several forum threads about using firebase cloud messaging as push notifications, you can start e.g. here :slight_smile:

Hi @Mevi

Thanks for the links.
It seems, however, that these threads are already a set ahead of me. I am still installing Firebase (I literally got a bunch of code to install on my webapp, but I do not know how).
Are you aware whether I need to install this code in the first place or just work with API calls?
(literally at step 3 of this tutorial: Add Firebase to your JavaScript project)

Hi! No need to install firebase. It’s a plugin that is included from Build Service (automatically, if you use the flow functions for checking notification permissions etc). Note that firebase notifications will only work from standalone apps made from Build Service, not in Preview.

@Mevi okay, so I just need to get my API key and follow the tutorials?

Yeah. This thread is a good start!

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