Adding Images or Lottiefiles on Google Map

Hi All, I would like to know if it is possible to add images or lottiefiles at specific geolocations on Google Map and if so, would appreciate any guidance and advice please. I have tried using the “Embedded map view” component but don’t seem to have the option to change the iconName field (under “Marker to render”) to an imageURL type.


Ah, unfortunately it’s not possible to use Lottie inside the Map – so basically it’d only work if you would hover the lottie animation “over” the map, but of course the placement gets very difficult at that point…

@Mevi, many thanks for your response and advice. I understand adding Lottiefiles inside Map might be a challenge but I was hoping at least adding images inside Map is doable through changing icon to imageURL type on “Embedded map view”.