Adhoc and Custom URL Scheme

There seems to be no option to add an adhoc provisioning profile or custom URL scheme in the build service.

That is correct; we’ll be enabling these options soon. If you need this right now, you can ping us at and we can see how we could help you out.

Just as an update here, this has been configurable via Build Service since the start of June!

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Is this thread referring to how we can structure the appearance of our app’s URLs?

For example, to make the URL for a user’s profile appear as:, and the page branching off from their profile as:, etc., etc.?

I was hoping to find some documentation on this.

Hi! No, the custom url scheme refers to Android/iOS url scheme to open the app with. There’s no feature to configure web routes at the moment.

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Ah, I see. Thank you, Mevi. Do you think it would be possible after building our web app to implement some kind of routing between our hosting platform and the static HTML files we download? Basically, to do it manually?

Hmmm… I can’t say for sure if it’s possible or not, but I don’t know why it would not be possible to do manually :thinking: So I would recommend for you to try it and see how it goes, maybe report back to us if it worked out like you wanted to? :smiley:

Found the thread when I was looking for something related to this, so late response:

If you use a service like Google Firebase Dynamic Links, you can build out URL patterns by setting up the “URL prefix” as you describe and then hook this into AG. This is something I’m working on now.

(You can also use Dynamic Links as as a link shortener service.)

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