Adjust container at bottom of page

Gentlemen, how can I be able to throw a container to the end of a page in order to adjust according to the size of each screen?

Hello Rodrigo…

I am honestly not too sure of what it is you are asking. And it is very possible that others may have the same difficulty… Thus not being able to correctly help you.

Do you mean you want to stabilize a container so much like a footer?
One option would be to set the positioning of the container from relative to absolute… Then you can specify how much from the bottom you would want your container to be distanced.
In this manner regardless the device: your container would always be on the bottom.

What I actually like going for is something I saw on a tutorial video: Removing the scrolling from the PAGE LAYOUT (not for web app btw) and setting it to stretch to vie height…
Then adding a scroll container with both Flex shrink AND Flex grow settings at “1” and adding a container at the bottom (As a footer) and a container at the top (As a header).
Because the App is dedicated to the full screen size and is set to not resize nor scroll: these two containers will always remain in position. The scrolling will be done on the scrollView which is purposefully also locked into place.;

You can also get dimensions from the system variables… And position it accordingly through a formula. But that is actually not really necessary with these last two implemented. Apgyver does a pretty stable job with either of these two.

A needed disclaimer that I am really not sure what you have asked. I so hope this was somewhat helpful…

Edit: I changed the second image to be a little better descriptive rather than the mess it had been

Perfect my friend. That was it. Thank you very much.

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