Advice: Best approach to build a dynamic quiz/survey interface

Hi, I’m hoping to get some guidance on how best to approach using Appgyver to create a dynamic quiz/survey interface:

There are 2 to 3 quizzes to complete, with varying questions,

I’m not sure if it would be best to build the quiz interface screens individually in AppGyver but I would prefer to find a way not to… or if I should take a WebView route instead?

Once I compile the app, the questions could change.


  • The question will be a format of text or text and a graphic.
  • The input of an answer will either be radio boxes (multiple choice), or a text box to fill in, defined in the Json structure


  • I can fetch the next “question” from a Rest API.
  • I understand I can use the logic flow to hopefully keep asking for the next item.

I would like to be able to dynamically render the form/screen based on the types of elements that arrive.

Is there a handy way to best enable this in Appgyver?

I have a feeling this might have to wait until I can do custom components… so a sanity check would be super helpful for what is possible today.

Adding to it: Ranking of the users and point based system would be great!

You would want to do it so that your data structure has the answerType key, and then you just have two inputs (one for multiple choice and one for text box), with their respective Visible properties bound to a formula like data.CurrentQuestion.answerType === "text". Thus, the UI will adapt and show only the required input based on the data. Same with the text/text+graphic, you can use the Visible property to conditionally render the required UI.

For user ranking and points, that would just be a question of posting the answer to the backend and the backend calculating points and keeping track of a table with users and their point – doesn’t really make sense to do it client-side.