After $10 Million in revenue

How is it going to look like if I reach $10 Million or more in revenue? How much I have to pay?

I have no idea about the answer, and am curious of what it will be like to have that problem.

From experience though, if you’re at $10MM ARR then you have a full-fledged engineering team making the “how” decisions, and similar platforms would cost you in the $250K/year range.

But, there are so many factors to consider that it’s both unrealistic to even guess, and entirely custom based on our support needs.

Perhaps, you can use a different set of assumptions to help get to something more accurate of a number. I just went through something similar on a different project and needed to understand details such as:

  • number of concurrent sessions/users
  • bandwidth per session/user
  • sessions per month
  • total users registered
  • storage requirements per deployment method
  • integration requirements per deployment method
  • authentication scheme and resource requirements
  • support, CI/CD, and monitoring requirements

I saw somewhere the rates for the BLACK rate.
And the cheapest one there was $800 a month and the second one was $5,000 a month. Correspondingly $60,000 a year. Where did the 250 figure come from?

I compare appgyver to Kony Quantum, Outsystems, ServiceNow Now Platform,, etc.