After 2 minute inactivity redirect to homepage

I want to make an Android App for 43" kiosk.
This app will have Home page with Eight button, and every button click It will open an Image, then, after 2 minute inactivity, It should open the homepage.
Is it possible by appgyver?

Hi, yes you can do that on the Global Canvas page. Here’s a simple example where the user gets alerted after 5 seconds of no clicks:

There’s an app variable lastClick that gets set to NOW() with a formula when the app is launched.

Each 500ms, an if condition is run to check if 5 seconds have passed with this formula:
DATETIME_DIFFERENCE(NOW(), appVars.lastClick, "seconds") > 5

So in your case I would set the value of lastClick app variable to NOW() every time the user interacts with the app, check in the formula for 2 minutes instead of 5 seconds, and then use the Navigate back to root flow function instead of the alert. :slight_smile:

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