After login in i always face with this question and i can't keep going to my project. Please Help

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Have you tried resetting your browser completely by deleting cookies, reinstalling, or switching to another browser like Microsoft Edge?

You should try closing that window, downloading the project, deleting the current project, and uploading the downloaded file again. Please note that these are just ideas and it is your responsibility if you decide to make any adjustments. I have not had experience with the warning that appears, so it is new to me.

You can also try following these steps:

1- Download the “zip.gpg” file from AppGyver
2- Delete the file, log out, and reload the browser to log back in with your account
3- Go to the button to create a new application
4- Go to the deployment to import a file
5- Select the downloaded file and upload it to open the project.

i cant even reach that page to take a save for the project
also i dont have the save(download) button for the project.
After i exit the project and reload i face the page ss that i uploaded before.

btw i tried some kind of web browsers but still same results came up

The buttons will not appear or be available until you hover the cursor over the project. If the save or delete icons are not appearing, it may be a program error. To get help, you can reach out to the AppGyver team and let them know what you are experiencing:


If you received help and if your problem was solved, please let us know what the actual damage was, so that we can know how to address these issues in the future.

Hi @Furkan_SABAZ,

Could you perform the following and send me a message* with the results:

  1. Close any tabs pointing to
  2. Open Chrome developer tools and go to console.
  3. Open appgyver and capture console output.

*If you see no sensitive data, you can post the log here.