After Update HTTP Requests No Longer Returning Data

Is anyone else having issues with formerly functional HTTP Request nodes since the latest component updates?

I no longer am getting a response back. No success or error codes just nothing…

I am using the HTTP requests for authentication purposes and haven’t touched these logic nodes in 2 weeks. I simply updated to the latest versions and I’m no longer seeing a response despite seeing the request go through successfully on the backend.

App ID: 97782

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Confirmed the HTTP module returns gibberish in response body:

What ever the endpoint the HTTP module (outputs[“HTTP request”].resBody) returns this:


Took a while to figure out where it breaks… by the way - in the debugger all my flows show 0 outputs everywhere…

Thanks for reporting this. We found the issue and a fixed HTTP Request will be published asap.

And the update is now available :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let me know if the issue persists even after updating the flow function from marketplace

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Awesome! I will check later today.

Thanks for fast fix!

yupp all good!


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