AG Auth, AG Cloud Database and file uploads will be discontinued on August 31st 2021

Dear community members,

AppGyver Auth, AppGyver Cloud Database and AppGyver managed file uploads, intended for hobby use and PoCs, will be discontinued on August 31st, 2021.

The above features have been disabled for new apps as of yesterday. If your existing app uses some of these features, they will be available until the August 1st discontinuation date.

We will be providing alternate, integrated solutions for your backend needs, as well as instructions on how to migrate your existing data, so stay tuned!

Read the full announcement on our blog:


any idea on what kind of alternative solutions they will be? Just a preview

Wow, literally just joined to try out a hobby project and the first post I see is this. This looks very disappointing to me. Am I incorrect? are there alternative Auth and Cloud DBs that can be easily hooked up? How long can I expect to wait for the official alternatives?

Is there a way to export or download the data I had in the AG cloud db?

I use Backendless as database. If you join there and do the missions to learn the system (takes a good few hours on first try), you get a free lifetime unlimited license which you can use for development use for one project. There is a limit of 200 tables, no API limits. Backendless has a REST API which is fast and user friendly. Paid licenses for my finished projects are from $25 per month.

This is nothing to be worried about. You cannot use their database for production anyhow (it’s only for hobby use), so simply use backendless or Xano instead. I think Appgyver is planning to roll out a backend (probably minimally viable), to go along with the front-end, but it’s highly unlikely their backend will compete with the backends of backendless or Xano - at least for the foreseeable future. Backendless has been around for a decade, so they have quite an advantage. Appgyver still has a powerful front-end, so just use their rest API (no code required) and you’ll be able to build anything with their front-end and the backendless backend.

As a first step, we are proud to announce our first-tier support for Google Firebase as an alternative to AppGyver Cloud Storage, AppGyver Authentication and managed file uploads.

Read all about it in the guide at and let us know what you think! A full video overview is coming up soon.

Stay tuned for more!


Two weeks notice. Dissapointing. Actually rediculous. I guess I will find a new platform…

The time window is 6,5 weeks, not 2 — the service will be up until the end of August. Sorry for the confusion here, I’ve asked Mari to update the initial post ASAP.

If you look at the first post of the thread, this was first announced in April — we pushed the DL forward one month to ensure there’s also time to utilize the new Firebase connector, in case you had not already migrated to some other backend.

Going through the migration now. I really just need to switch to Firebase authentication but I don’t get an option to add it in the Auth tab or even manage AG Auth

Hi, how about images that uploaded to use as Assets inside the app after Distribute/Publish. Does Firebase support it yet ?

After set connection to Firebase, this will become upload to Firebase instead of Appgyver Cloud Storage, right ?

Hello Harri Sarsa,

What will happen if you don’t change the third party authentication to Google Firebase and won’t publish the application. Will it keep on working and using the authentication? (We’re using it with SQL database).

Thanks for your time.

@Reid_Weber, authentication is covered in this video starting from 20:30.

@YakovTran The migration won’t affect the image assets, what will be deprecated are the AppGyver-managed file uploads via the Get bucket upload URLs and Get bucket download URLs flow functions.

@Development_Powerblo If your app uses third party authentication with users in your own SQL database, there should be no need for action on your part. The migration is just for applications using AG Auth (database provided by AppGyver).