Agreement checkbox

Hi there, couple hours I’m struggling whit how to set up a chackbox to be a condition at signup page? How to set up logic? - i’m using firebase authentication.

If you think this is self-evident, I’m a beginner and I really like to explore the possibilities that the appgyver brings :slight_smile: thank you for hepping me.

you need to connect a true/false page variable to the check box component and then, in order for the user to be able to go to the next step, you need to check if the variable is true

Hi Dimos, ok i did create a page variable. I did connect to the check box component. And now i’m lost whit creating a logic on sign up button?.. would you guide me?

I mean, this exactly what you need to do, (as a tip, you can just use the page variable, you dont need to use the if in the if condition)

Nice, i did use your tip - tnx for your time! I appreciate that.

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No problem, my pleasure