Airtable api data fetch

Hi everyone,

I got stuck for a question.

Here I called airtable users collection. Now I want to match data in the field emaiAddress to get a record.

But on Get a record, I can’t get it how what to send on parameters.

If anyone can share anything that would be great.


Hello there,

For such a task You need to use the Get collection flow, as that has the ability to work with “filterByFormula” query parameter. Get record doesn’t work that way. Get record can only retrieve data records based on their “ID”.

So what you need to do is to add a new “query parameter” to the Get collection url. The key should be “filterByFormula”. Set it to dynamic value and optional parameter on the right sidebar setting.

Where you want to retrieve the document do a “Get record collection” flow and inside Your filter formula add this “formula” type of binding:


This flow will return You an array, so to be able to assign it to a single data record or variable, You will have to refer to it via the “formula” binding screen and use the [0] index by the end. So for example let’s say you have a data resource myUser and also this flow which returns the correct user in an array. On the “Set data variable” of myUser Use the “formula” binding with a formula like this.

outputs["Get record collection"].records[0]

Hope this helps,

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Thank you @Mihaly_Toth ! It worked. You saved the day!

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