Airtable API Issues


My app code is 94588

I’ve followed the guide to setting up my api via Airtable but I keep getting the following errors

Error: [object Response]

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:[ID]/Food
Relative path:

Any ideas if I’m missing anything?


Also forgot to mention that I can call the data via Google Chrome using the same path structure if that helps

Thanks again

Lee, did you set the “Response Key Path” to “records” in Get Collection?
This is required for Airtable as the actual data is not directly in the root folder.

Hi, at first I did not but I have since tried this and still having the same issue.

I’ve tried a few different guides and it should work but just isn’t.

Thanks again

Hi! Are you still experiencing problems with this? Can you provide some screenshots of your setup to give some more ideas about what could be going wrong?

Hi, thanks for the reply, managed to find a solution to this. Well not really a solution but I reregistered using a new email, changed the api key within AppGyver and it started to work

Having a whole other issue now, I’ve created another post with screenshots etc if you have time to take a look?



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