Airtable + Appgyver Walkthrough

You can find my article on building an Appgyver + Airtable sample app here :

It sums up some common issues already answered on this forum.

Your feedback is welcome !


Awesome! To celebrate this very first user-created tutorial for Composer (at least externally hosted one), would you mind sending us your address at so we could send you a little something as a token of our appreciation? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for this, I highly appreciate it.

Hi, excellent article, I followed every step. I followed your links that cleverly downloaded the Base and the App from the market place. Is there any chance you could update the App to current AppGyver. The reason is that, even though the example web site works well, the downloaded App does not. It starts up ok on the phone, but will only do the R of CRUD. The reason is because Appgyver must have made some changes that are not backwards compatible. In design mode there are now some obsolete properties. For example when I click on Delete record …