Airtable connection errors

I have a problem with Airtable connection. I set up a connection to Airtable successfully a few days ago, but after the crash yesterday I noticed that, when I ‘Run test’ from data configurator, the ‘Test API call response’ is:

Error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Resource settings for GET (all)

Resource URL:
Relative Path: undefined

The URL and API key are correct.

If you open your browser’s web inspector, what does the actual request on the Network tab look like? What’s the app ID – I could take a look?

Definitely, thank you. :slight_smile: App id is: 96863.

It’s working for me now, hard to know what might’ve gone wrong… Could be the network request to perform the test just randomly failed when the platfom was otherwise being instable. :thinking: Let me know if it reoccurs.

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