Airtable data issue

Hey there!
First off, shoutout to the AppGyver team. Y’all really outdid yourselves here. I’m less than 24 hours into creating an account, and I’ve already banged out 30% of an app that’s going to make one of my jobs about 10000x easier.

I’m having some issues with pulling data from Airtable, however. It seems to be pulling sporadic entries, and not pulling all of them. I was reading somewhere that it could potentially be that there are some blank values in the array. It’s not lost on me that it could be this AND something else, but I don’t think this is my primary issue as there are plenty of entries with missing fields that are populating, while other entries that have the same amount of cells filled out are not.

I’m curious if this is a common issue with an easy solution. There is definitely a chance I have just absolutley shafted something on my end as I don’t have any sort of iOS knowledge, just a couple years of comp sci coursework from college. I just find it odd that some entries are coming, while others are not.

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Are you able to see the raw response from your Airtable integration in e.g. web inspector or via the Debugger?

If you get correct data into your app but it’s just not rendering correctly, happy to help you investigate further then!

Thanks for the response Harri, I actually ended up getting it to work a couple hours after this post and totally forgot to update. Still don’t know exactly what I caused it, I just spent some time cleaning up the data and then it worked — assuming it was something format related

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