AirTable Embeddable Forms - Is this possible right now? This is super important!

Question for the mods.

From this site:

If you click the main button that says “Get Weekly Highlights”, it brings up an Airtable embedded form.

Extremely simple way to get data into airtable, especially from a No Code platform. Solves a lot of problems, for example:

Can just add a boolean in your AirTable for “Published” or whatever on the row of data that’s saved from a user-submitted form, and you now have an entire user-submitted content option on your sites, with AirTable as your admin backend.

Contact forms… E-mail newsletter signups…

Lots of uses, and less nitty-gritty field-level stuff required from AppGyver’s side (input/inline validation), which means less headache and support on your side too… :slight_smile:

Is this something that’s on the roadmap? Very important imho.

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We do plan to tackle web embeds in a good way – the immediate roadmap is focused on the runtime version 2.x upgrade stabilization and 3rd party React/React Native plugins, but this is coming!

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I have the same issue. I’m now building my product half in Webflow and half here b/c AppGyver is missing embed codes for WebApps entirely.

I’m hoping they prioritize this sooner than later. The No Code community may come flocking here when they do.

Webflow has a max records limit of 10k even when synced to AirTable. That means data heavy sites can’t be hosted there. AggGyver is one of the few other places with good UI control. But the form fields here have almost no features yet. And besides Airtable forms and apps like that focus on great UX for forms are so easy and fast to build with, I prefer to just embed those forms.

Hoping more of the no code community joins here and requests the same.

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