Airtable get record problem

I have a pretty standard Airtable schema:

When i do a ‘Get Record’ function i do in fact get a record object returned, but none of the data fields are populated in my airtable data variable: (, airtable.createdTime, airtable.fields.Name, airtable.fields.Value). They are all empty.

Any idea why?

So you’ve attached this data resource to the page right? Have you changed the polling logic? Have you configured it to be one record and not multiple?

Yes data variable attached to screen as single record. I push a button to Get Record using a ?filterByFormula function ("?filterByFormula={Name}=" + ‘"’ + appVars.StudentName + ‘"’), which then retrieves 1 record when i set appVars.StudentName = “TEST NAME”. The record object returned looks like this:

So I know that im getting the record returned, but when i set my airtable Data Variable = output of that Get Record function, it does not map any of the field values (airtable.fields.Name, airtable.fields.Value are both blank).


Is it because im getting an Array returned and my Data Variable is not an Array?

What this is supposed to do is set:
airtable_data.fields.Name = “TEST NAME”
airtable_data.fields.Value = “TEST VALUE”

but they are both blank

Apparently, that was the problem. The record returned is an array - airtable_data[0]. So airtable_data[0].fields.Name and airtable_data[0].fields.Value contain the correct values.