Airtable integration tutorial available

Wrote a short tutorial describing how to fetch data from Airtable into your Composer Pro app:

Let me know if something is still unclear!

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I’m really struggling to make sorting/search queries work - they are having no effect at the moment!

Can you share a screenshot of your REST API configuration, or share the app ID so we can take a look? Hard to debug without extra info. :slight_smile:

Sorry - I should have said - I think I’ve nailed it. Trial and error!

Am really impressed so far with AppGyver. It’s how I imagined the interface builder of Xcode would work before I tried it out!

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Unfortunately the tutorial just details “get all” - for create, modify and delete it says: “Airtable supports multiple query parameters that you can use to further refine your query, as well as API routes to read a single record and create, update and delete records.”

I already suspected that create, modify and delete was possible - I am just not able to do it. Maybe it would be an idea to enhance the tutorial to show how to do it. Thank you very much for the tutorial, it is already very useful. Enhancing it would make it even more valueable.

@Oli_Clark Do you remember how you did this? I’m trying and not quite sure how. I’m not an experienced developer, but trying to create a search query for an airtable list

So what I did was to first filter the results coming from Airtable to only possible matches for my search.

then once I’d got the filtered results into a data variable - I then used formulas on that data variable in the data variable logic area to find the data i actually needed (Using Find_by_key and the like).

I hope that helps.

Could you publish the full details on this? I am struggling with GET record and UPDATE record since I cannot figure out how to pull only the record I want. For example, I have userID field in Airtable that matches my I cannot get the formula to work. Trying the filterByformula and a few other methods. If you can show your example indepth and all the way through, I think many of us would benefit. Thank you