Airtable Query Parameters

Hey everyone… I am trying to experiment with Airtable’s query parameters and I just can’t seem to get some things to work. Currently, I am just trying to retrieve a list of records, but only select fields for those records. The API Documentation for Airtable seems straightforward but I keep getting the same error:

Any and all help appreciated!

The HTTP 422 Unprocessable Entity Code indicates that the server has understood the type of query content and that the request syntax is correct but that the server has not been able to carry out the requested instructions.
You have to formulate your request differently to access your data.

Thank you, @Bertrand_BZH . The error translation is helpful, and at least lets me know. I can stop fiddling with the syntax.

Can I ask for you to come down another level or two and help me understand what it means to “formulate the request differently”? If I have the parameters inputed correctly, and there is nothing wrong with the syntax, where do I go from there?

Also, if it helps, if I don’t include the “fields” parameter it works fine. It returns the records but with all the fields, which is way too much. So it’s clearly an issue with the fields parameter, just not sure what that means.

Thanks again for your help.

What type of AirTable data wish to import on Appgyver. A table ?