AirTable - Setting Up Offline Favorites List


I made a short (7 minute) video showing how to pull a list of “products” from Airtable and then allow the user to “favorite” them. The favorites are then shown on another tab and are available offline.

Link to explanation video: AppGyver Airtable Offline Favorites Page Example - YouTube

Link to demo on iPhone: Offline Favorites List Demo - YouTube


Adam thank you so much for the effort and time you’re putting on this. Will try tomorrow and get back to you with results.
Thanks again

Can confirm that it works like a charm. Thank you very much Adam.

A side note: when you’re creating the favorites local DB, each item (Name, Place, Price, Kind etc) has to be on its own and NOT inside a list or list of objects as opposed to Airtable which puts the items on lists or lists of objects. So the schema doesn’t have to be exactly like the rest api.

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