Airtable Single Select data type

How do you call data from Airtable that is the “Single Select” field type in Airtable? When it comes in to Appgyver, it seems to be an array of one text item (shows up as [“Incoming Data”] in an Alert box through Appgyver). No amount of work in AppGyver that I have found seems to be able to reach it, although Appgyver’s formula has a preview of the information that correctly shows “Incoming Data”

If I go into Airtable and change the field type from “Single Select” to “Single Line Text” the information comes in just fine.

Not sure about that, but you have to keep in mind that Airtable is one of those back-ends that was designed to primarily be interacted with from it’s User Interface, and it just “happens to have” an API interface - more as an after-thought. So its possible that maybe not everything will be Appgyver-compatible or accessible through it’s REST API. It might be worth looking into deeper though…