Alert size have limit?

I would like to put a message with more than two lines, is there a way to increase the character limit or the size of the alert?

I am not sure about that. It seems to be easier if you just create an absolute positioned container yourself with the fit content size and centered position, high Z-index number and visibility set to a specific trigger event. You can even style it the way you want. It is, however, more work for sure… But in the end usually worth it.

ah, but a popup has to do? I didn’t quite understand how to do it, from what I understand, it would be a text in a container that appears after a trigger (like pressing a button), this?

Well, kind of.
Container → text & button (to dismiss the popup)
set the container position to absolute and the Z-index to a number.
Also set its visibility to false.
Then after the flow where you trigger the alert instead of the alert do a “Set component property”. Find the container and set its visibility to true. So it will show when needed.
On the container dismiss button logic do a “Set component property” again, but set it to false this time.

If you need a more detailed guide, I can do that tomorrow at earliest.

Yes, yes, I understood and it seems like a great idea (I will do it), but I wanted to know if I could do this with the popup, just like the webview, in the webview it looks beautiful and with all the text, but thank you very much for the tip and help