Alerts not showing

I am having some issues with version 3.1.8. for WebApps.

All my “Alert” notifications are not showing at all. No matter how the work flow looks like, nothing happens. And other actions which are dependent on confirmation of those alerts, are therefore also not triggered.

Is there a workaround for this? I would love to deploy to another version but that seems to be deactivated. Version 3.1.8 is the only version left in my build service.


I appreciate any hint.

Hi @Sven_Wildermann, is the issue present already in preview or only in the built web app?

Alerts are working in preview mode but not in the build version.

Alright, sounds like a bug, I’ll report it to the development team. What’s your app ID (number sequence in project URL)?

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I have two app ids as both projects are “suffering” from this: 294905 and 293517

Thanks for your support!

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If there any ETA for this bug to be resolved, I would highly appreciate to know. :slight_smile: