All files failed error from firebase upload

I have set up the function correctly and ive tested everything but i cant find whats going on
it just sends All files failed error.
Also i only try to upload one image file
Do you have any idea whats going on?

Maybe the Rules in Firebase or the form you authenticate your account before to upload your files.

here are the rules

and here is the upload function

The Rule sees ok but dangerous (other user can write you storage)

You need to set all the inputs.

Be careful with the Path.

You can get the Path and the MimeType (and other data) of the Pick File flow.

its just for testing like this

i have tried with all different ways and still the same error

i still cant find out why this happens
this is the error

Im wondering if the upload to firebase functions works only for ios and android
(just test it and it doesnt have to do)

cant believe it the problem was that i didnt initialize firebase first
That was hard to find…