Allow 3rd party plugins with full control

3rd party plugins built by the community is the heart of every platform, especially free platforms. For example, WordPress was originally created for blogs, but it became 1 of the most popular & powerful site builders because the community-built thousands of plugins for the front & backend. Shopify heavily relies on 3rd party plugins. React native, which composer pro is built on heavily relies on 3rd party components. I believe, I know Appgyver can surpass all of those platforms if we are able to build 3rd party plugins that give us full control over coding the full front & backend.

We will not have third party plugins with “full control” because of the security risk it poses to our users. The third party plugin support that will come is in the form of React Native components/flows as specified here: Custom React Native / React web plugins | Voters | AppGyver

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I’m talking about full control over the HTML, CSS & backend functionality.

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@Mevi As I understand it, the goalpost has been moved again on third-party support until Q3? :face_exhaling:

I’m not giving out any timelines anymore :sweat_smile: there’s a lot of our core infrastructure that needs to change to enable third-party support. A lot of that work has been done already (changes in builder, changes in how plugins are handled in our infrastructure), but there’s still more to do I’m afraid…


No rush. I would rather you take longer to build it properly. It will be more than worth it because once the community is able to contribute by building plugins, themes & more, Appgyver could become to the no code community what WordPress is to the website & blogging community. I also hope the Appgyver team builds a no code Postgresql or SQL database.

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