Allow mouse access from iPadOS


When attempting to log into Composer Pro from Firefox or Chrome on IPadOS a message states touch based devices are not able to access the Composer for understandable reasons.

The new iPadOS has mouse support and I have a Bluetooth mouse to work with my iPad that provides full mouse functionality with a mouse pointer.

Would it be possible to enable iPad based browsers to access Composer Pro?

I haven’t tried to change my user agent yet but I thought I’d register it. Composer Pro sis great so far.

Happy to be a guinea pig tester!

That’s a very fair point, didn’t think of that use case – though changing the user agent should work for now.

I guess the same point applies to Android devices with a mouse connected.

Made a tracker issue

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Thank you! Once I’m able to figure out how to install an extension in Firefox on iPad to change the user agent, I’ll share here.

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Just FYI - I’m able to access Composer from my iPad + bluetooth mouse on iPadOS Safari.

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Hi Wayne, How’s the performance? Will we miss any feature or convenience? We’re you successfully able to do everything using the iPad?

Am planning to get an ipad 6/7 th gen. Would that work? Do I need a mouse or can I use touch or pencil?