"Allow page to be opened without authentication" now working on deployed web app

I have authentication enabled on my app, which starts on a landing page (initial view) where there’s a button to go to the login page. The login page has the option to “Allow page to be opened without authentication” set to true. It works as it should on the preview web app.

However, on the deployed app on an s3 bucket, after the button is clicked, the user is redirected to the login page and immediately taken back to the landing page (which is the configured initial view), as if the login page required authentication.

App ID is 181861. Login page is page8, and the landing page (initial view) is page10.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Sorry for the delayed answer – are you still experiencing this problem?

No worries. Yes, unfortunately it is. I deployed the app again earlier today to make sure.

Here’s a video of what happens. I am unable to go to the login page, which is already set to be accessed without authentication. The login page briefly opens until it redirects to the initial view.

On the appgyver web preview, it works fine though.

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Thanks for reporting this, we were able to confirm this bug and forwarded it to get fixed.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to the fix.

Hi, Mevi! Is there any update on this fix?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! I checked and the issue is marked to be fixed starting from version 2.5.7, so you should be able to build a working version now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! However, I think the new version is preventing the app from working after the login screen, as it just stays blank most of the time. Additionally, the url bar stays as if it were loading, even after being fully loaded, which is preventing links from being opened from buttons on the website.

Also, the builds are failing unfortunately

Hmm? I opened your app in https://preview.appgyver.com and by pressing “Entrar” I was taken to the login page, as expected :sweat_smile: What’s the problem you’re seeing? Maybe it was temporary?

I’m looking into the build error(s), I couldn’t immediately tell what’s going on. :thinking:

Would it be ok for us to try to build this app to debug this issue? @Ruy_Mello

Hi, Mevi! Yes, that would be great!

I was taking some time to answer in order to check a few things. I erased cache from the browser and was then able to access homepage and the login screen. However, after inputting login info, it correctly redirects to page3 (“Painel”), but it only shows a white screen.

If you’d like, you can try with credentials josh@josh.com and password josh1234.

Also, curiously, the text in the front page is showing up behind the image. I didn’t even know that was possible, or how it got to that, as I have not updated the landing page in a while. I was considering if that would have something to do with the bug in the build.

thanks for all the help!

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Hi, @Mevi ! The app authentication sequence is now working on 2.5.10, on the web preview and as built web app! Thanks for the help.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is the text on the front page which is showing up behind the container background image. I don’t know what might have caused this, as it is a text within a container, just like the other text box and email box as shown in the picture on the previous post. I even tried deleting it and adding a new box, but it keeps being displayed like that.

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I changed the text type from title to paragraph and it is working now.

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Great that you got it working for you and 2.5.10 solved any remaining issues!

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Hi Appgyver team! I apologize in advance if this has been answered somewhere previously.

My app has authentication enabled. My landing page has buttons which open pages that can be opened without authentication (Introduction pages- 4 of them- named “subscribe”, “payment”, “create account” and “login”.

Using the SAP appgyver preview app on my android everything works as I expect. However, on the web preview app on my desktop and on my web deployment app, any button click from any of the 4 introduction pages results in a return to the initial page.

Looking through the various posts it seems like this has been addressed but I can’t seem to find where. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks :blush:

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Hi! There’s a bug report for this here – there’s a lot of strangeness in opening page without authentication on web that will hopefully get fixed with that bug.

Hi @Mevi. Thank you so much!