Always encountered this critical error

How to prevent those error?

Hi, what’s your app ID so we can look into what’s happening (number sequence in editor URL)?

Here: 240745

Thank you.

Hi, thanks. One thing that you could check is that your navigation doesn’t point to any pages that no longer exist? What kind of logic do you have when the app is starting up?

EDIT: This issue is a difficult one to debug, but most likely cause is that the logic switches component visibilities rapidly, or there is some repeated item which has large dynamic array and the array is updated. → “Null pointer exception” and “Trying to update non-existent view” both point to trying to reference something that is no longer there. Does that sound like something that is happening in your app?


hmm. on start up. not much logic. because first page show Login page. on login logic just check if user checked the remember me or not. if yes. automatically login.

critical error image above. show on filing page.

i have something need to confirm. about hidden components.

container 1
- container 2 (under container 1)

  1. if I hide container 1 using Hide Components and access container 2
    this error will show? “Trying to update non-existent view”

Hi, yes I think that could result in the error, since Container 2 will already be hidden as a child container of Container 1.

I’ve been looking for this explanation for like 2 days. Solved my problems in a moment. :pray: