Amazon Cognito configuration

I am working through the setup for auth using Amazon Cognito. Sign up is asking me for the “Callback URL.” Any help in setting this up in Appgyver would be appreciated.

Callback url is the route where cognito will redirect you after a successfull authentication.

So on web you would use whichever domain you have your app running and on mobile you would use your app’s registered URL schema e.g. myapp://loginsuccess

Understood,but the :Appgyver” part is a little confusing. Here an address from one of my pages:

How do I translate this to the callback URL?

Thank you


It depends on where you ultimately host your app.

It’s up to you, and the logic what you do with the redirect is up to you too.

When I use the following, Cognito locks up:

When I use this, it works, but only leaves me at my Appgyver start page where I select one of my apps:

Is there something in between that will take me to a page in the app?


I’d suggest you to use standalone site for this instead of going through the preview.

So, chose third-party auth for my auth option then go through the build process and put Cognito on top of the built app? Before sending to App Store? Is there a better auth option than Cognito with Appgyver? Thank you

Don’t know about cognito implementations specifically. Appgyver auth is made for Appgyver by Appgyver, so I guess it would be least hassle.

Appgyver auth does not have a feature to “sign up” and create an account, unless I am missing something?

At the moment, no – we are working on a full new backend-as-a-service offering as well as more plug-and-play options to integrate third-party auth systems, so the ye olde AppGyver Auth is not receiving much love… We do hear the need for an “it-just-works” auth solution.

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, so you have an update on this matter?

Hi @George_Pillari, Could you explain how you ended up fixing this please?