An someone please help with this formula

I cannot seem to get this formula right. It keeps telling me “if requires three parameters”.

All i want to do is truncate the post text and add read more to the end if the text is more than 200 in length, so I can add a click function on the text to make it the selected post id, and if the post id is the selected post id and the lenght is greater than 200, i want to add “minimize” to it.

IF(IS_EQUAL(pageVars.selectedPostId,, IF(LENGTH(repeated.current.content)>200), repeated.current.content + “/n” + “(tap to minimize)”, repeated.current.content, IF(LENGTH(repeated.current.content)>200), TRUNCATE(repeated.current.content, 200) + " tap to read more…", repeated.current.content))


There are several issues with your formula, mostly with the syntax. As you can see below, you have two unclosed brackets that cause the “three parameter issue”.

I would advise on splitting your formula in 3 working formulas and then combining them together in the following format:

IF(IS_EQUAL(value1, value2), IF(condition, trueValue, falseValue), IF(condition, trueValue, falseValue))
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