Android App Bundle

after a while, i’am arrived to publish my first app :slight_smile:
I created the apk from appgyver, but when i upload it in google play console a warning stop the upload and tell me to use Android App Bundle to build and run my app :frowning:
I used appgyver because i don’t want use android studio !!

How can i do ???

Not currently supported. Don’t think Playstore enforces this though - unless you tell that you want playstore to manage your app signing etc?

this is the alert that came out from when i try to upload the apk:
it is in italian but in few worlds tell me to rebuild my apk with android app bundle, otherwise i can’t upload it

APK non ottimizzato


Questo APK fa sì che il codice e le risorse inutilizzati diventino disponibili per gli utenti. L’app può essere più piccola se hai utilizzato il formato Android App Bundle. Se non ottimizzi l’app per le configurazioni dispositivo, l’app sarà di dimensioni maggiori da scaricare e installare sui dispositivi degli utenti, rispetto a quanto non debba essere. Le app di grandi dimensioni registrano una percentuale di installazioni riuscite inferiore e occupano lo spazio di archiviazione dei dispositivi degli utenti.


Utilizza il formato Android App Bundle per ottimizzare automaticamente le configurazioni dispositivo o gestiscile autonomamente con più APK.

You can just ignore the notice. It should not forbid you from releasing the app.

I’m sorry, i’m a newbye for this, but if i don’t fix this alert, the button is disabled

It’s most likely because of something else. Look for notifications on the left-hand drawer if you’re missing some surveys or configurations that play store needs.

It was a missing information about ADV

Hi Appgyver,

I have run into the same issue and being told to use Android App Bundle. My issue is size, however, I also got the notification that all new apps in late 2021 will require to be published with Android App Bundle.

Not sure if this is an option in your latest update or is there a way that I can resize my app. My app is 116mb.


Hmm. There’s no resizing option that I’m aware of, but we are trying to improve bundle size as we optimize things. Google Play restrictions will be taken into account when the time comes, so we will build support for Android App Bundle, but there’s none as of yet, I’m afraid.

now app bundle is mandatory. Any updates planned?


Google play has updated, and now apps should be in bundle format. But appgyver doesn’t provide, only apk. What can we do?

Hi! 2.10.0 and newer should include both .apk and .aab in Android builds. Are you still seeing this problem on 2.10.0 and newer?

If it helps, I have seen issues only dropping in an .apk file to Google Play. When I use the build services and select the newest version, I get a .zip folder with an .apk and .aab file (the latter is the bundle which Google Play accepts).

I had a similar problem today. I was able to build an APK file for my app but Google Play Console prompts an error message saying “upload a valid app bundle” and I am unable to proceed with the submission (the ‘save’ and ‘review release buttons’ remain inactive). I have already tried to build an AAB file for my app on AppGyver but it has failed three times. So, I got stuck. Can anyone share some guidance, tip or suggestion on how to tackle this issue, please? Thanks in advance.