Android App can’t connect to private API

Hi, I’ve build an simple App and make an Android APK build. During development phase, I make a data connection to mock API, while prior distribute the App, I change the data base URL to point to my own server which is access with internal network. However, after install the App in my android device (can access to the internal with Wi-Fi), the App return error saying: TypeError:Network Request Failed.

My API is not a public API, it is an internal API. Is there any clue on this error or how to make this work?

Hello here, may I know is there any one who can help?

Correction: I hadn’t seen the start of your question through my mobile at the time.

are you sure your device network connected with to pc? or turn off your firewall

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Hi @Jessica_Bullet , yes, I build an APK and download to my Android device.

In fact, I can access the URL (POST Request) by connecting through my company Wifi using other App, the URL is only connected through this network, which mean it can’t access from public network due to security reason.

However, with the AppGyver APK build, I can’t connect to the URL. I understand it is not possible to connect from AppGyver Dev Platform, but I think it should work when I compile into APK and install in the Android device, as long as the URL is accessable from the device.

I have got the same problem, has anyone an answer for it?

Can your DNS servers you have configured on your mobile resolve the URL into the correct IP address?

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Hi @T_G , I just tried to execute the preview in iOS, in the same network, which is working fine. But I still have no luck on Android. As it is a POST request, I can’t resolve the URL directly with browser in Android.

Maybe it sound stupid, but I wish to learn as I’m totally new in developing App, may I know do you have any idea I could test a POST request in Android?

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I could solve my problem. You can not connect to IP adress and it needs to be https! You need to go to you DNS Server and add a new forward lookupzone for example (, than you open IIS and click on server certificate - click Request certificate => Save the key and go to any SSL Partner.

you can do it for example here, you will have 30days for free to test it.

When you got it than you click in IIS on Complete the certificate request.

The internal domain will only be accessable from your private network and runs on all devices which are in the network.

Hope it helps

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Hi guys, I’m still unable to make this work on my Android. I created a new GET API, which doesn’t require headers, parameters or anyhing else, just to test if the App could call to the API successfully. I’m able to open the URL directly from browser on the Android, but when I use the App (a simple button > get record), it return the error - TypeError:Network Request Failed. Could anyone help??