Android app Status bar color match

I want to change my android app Status bar color to match with the app bg color.
Is it possible to do that.

Also can i make app full screen to hide the status bar??

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t think you can atm. There’s no reason why you technically couldn’t though so it’s just a feature we need to implement. Hit us with a feature request.

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As i use header a background color, it will look awesome it the status bar matches with the color.


Is there any way of doing it now? My app has a white background but the status bar it’s grey.

Hello to everyone, i think i found a workaround but it’s a little bit tricky and it works on ANDROID ONLY, here’s the explaination:

  1. create your app using appgyver and configuring the build service correctly
  2. Always keep the keystore file, password, Key alias and key alias password safe and available
  3. create the apk file.
  4. Download Apk Editor Studio: Releases · vaibhavpandeyvpz/apkstudio · GitHub
  5. Open the Apk file generated with Appgyver using Apk Editor Studio
  6. On the left bottom file explorer part locate the values/colors.xml file and double click it to edit.
  7. change the color at the line 104:
    <color name="primary_dark_material_light">@color/material_grey_600</color>
    @color/material_grey_600” to whatever hex code you want.
  8. save the file then build the apk by selecting “save apk” from the file menu at the top.
  9. if you want to sign the app open the tools panel and select Key Manager, here you’ll have to enter the keystore file, password, alias and alias password same as on the distribution portal of appgyver.

Hope I saved someone in the same situation.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Congratulations, the android solution works perfectly. You helped a lot with this tip.


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