Android App Version Code & Version Name?

What are version code and version name and how do I get that information? Also, when I get this information and click build, will it create a web based app or a native app?

If it helps, I also have a Google developer account.

As i know it will be a native app, if you choose building an app.
The version code is sth you choose by yourself. But it has to be higher with every update you bring out to your app. E.g. 1.0 if it is your first launch or e.g. 0.9 if you would show that it is not finished yet / or in beta.
I think that your name also could be choosen by you, but i don’t know about it.

Thank you so much! If you or anyone figures out what the name is, how I get it, or if I choose it, I would be very grateful. Thank you again for the explanation!

Also, does anyone know what the client runtime version is?

Client runtime is basically our code that bridges your built app to native. Usually you would just pick the highest version as it contains the newest code.

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Thank you for clarifying! Could you also explain what the version name is?

It’s a version string that is shown to the user.

So the version code and version name are the same thing?

No. Code is for internal purposes and name are for public.