Android Build Error - APP ID: 204310

Hello, my Android build attempt is erroring and I cannot tell from the Error Log what the problem could be. The iOS version builds just fine.

Can any of the devs/techs look at my most recent Android build log from yesterday and help me out?

APP ID: 204310

Thanks in advance.

There’s something going wrong with how your asset resources are generated. We’re looking into this to find the root cause and fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience :cold_sweat:

Found it. Working on the fix next.

So you’ve somehow managed to include iOS specific asset configurations to your android build settings. I was unable to reproduce how you did it (if you know how please share). I’m deploying a fix now that will clean these when you save your asset buildsettings next time, and then your build should work.

This will be live in ~ 1 hour. ping here if there’s any more issues with the build after that.

I was actually going to report that as a complaint that my ios icons got copied somehow to my android icons. I figured that was being done intentionally for some reason

It’s now live so go try if it gets fixed by saving your android assets (clean caches first so you get the latest version for sure).

Yes Thank You, it builds without error now.

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