Android Build Error - "could not determine the cause of the error"

I’ve got an error with building the android app.
App-ID: 103709

Hey, your build for application […] ended up failing. We could not determine the cause of the error.

Could you tell me how i can fix this?
147386-error.log (475.8 KB)

You haven’t set version codes or names.

Of course I did. Version code was 1 and version name was 0.9.0.

For some reason it’s not saved in the database. Does this issue happen again?

now it worked. But where do i find the created apk? It says that it is created, but it don’t say where i find the file.

now it’s status is changed from created to queued. So it’s been in creation for >1 hour

And now (14min after this post) i got the same error message.
I used 1 as Version code and 0.9.0 as version name

Also the third time i tried it, i got an error. (30min after this post)
Now I used 1 as Versino code and 1.0.0 as version name to try if it is a problem with the version name, when it is <1.0.0

There’s some issue. I’ll get it fixed.

I included a fix on the next release coming in approx 45 minutes.
Sorry for all the trouble.

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No problem.
But also after your fix i get the same error.

I created you a build and the version codes we’re successfully saved to database. You must’ve used an older app version from you browser’s cache.

as a side note I saw you were building with an old client version. I highly suggest to use the newest available.