Android Build Error - I think it's configured correctly

Hi -

Please help. Trying to figure out how to get to the process of building without errors and having a basic test push notification on Android.

Some info:

  • Got the infamous message: Unknown error …
  • Build #: 234309: TestPushMilan
  • used 1.9.18 and I think I others but not sure - same results
    In the configure:
  • user Keystore, made sure I am using alias, and I correct password (for both keystore and alias the same)
  • did choose google-services.json file downloaded from Firebase
  • Chose ALL Permissions since I had no idea which one or two I need to choose - when it works, I was going to pair it down (using only push notification and alert for now in the app)

Didn’t choose:

  • URL Schema … since I don’t really know what it refers to and it wasn’t listed as must have in your build documentation
  • Didn’t really upload any images … the way it looks is that there are already AG images there. Fine for now for the test app if AG images can be used.
  • In the documentation (required-build-assets) it refers to Plugins and selecting them. Didn’t see any of these for Android config.

BTW - I assume when successful, I’ll see a link to a file or something like that so that I can install and test it.

Thank you very much for your help. Trying to see if I can build several upcoming apps using AG. Looks really good … but actually being able to create a build is kind of important :slight_smile:


I see your error logs are saying you didn’t upload google-services.json. You’re not the first one encountering this so there must be something wrong but I haven’t been able to reproduce any issues myself. I’ll try to figure out what’s the issue with this and get back to you.

Maybe it’s this bad UX that you have to press both saves for the file to upload successfully?
Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 9.40.50

Aha … trying now.

Thank you.

YES!!! Worked.

Definitely a bad UX. The reason is that for keystore you don’t have to save but for google file you do have to press save and then save … I suggest you update instructions AND put on the build pages to make sure.

Thank you again for your great and quick response.