Android Build Errors, "contact support" and no error log in email

Hi everyone,

I know there are a zillion posts asking the same question, but it looks like the help you receive will be specific to your build error, which is why I created this separate post, instead of asking on someone else’s.

When trying to build my Android app, I get an error message repeatedly (tried 3 or 4 times) that says “Unknown error, contact support for more details”. There is NOT an error log included in the email or on the build page, unfortunately.

I tried it multiple times with different runtime versions, and they all failed. I also tried generating a new keystore, which also failed. My keystore was generated through the Command Prompt.

What should I do? Can anyone help me? Should I send someone my App ID Code?


Sorry for the delayed response! There were issues with the build service recently, but it should be resolved now. Are you still experiencing this issue?