Android build failed [erverytime]!

Hello Appgyver Team,

I have been building my application through the appgyver composer for few weeks.
Now I am trying to build the (.apk) android version but it is failing everytime!

In the configuration, I have created a keystore using JDK 15 (I seccessfully generated a keystore password, alias password…etc. )
APP ID: 225444
Please let me know what is the issue here ??

Hi, your builds are in line to be investigated shortly, sorry for the long wait time!

Actually it did just work now!

The issue was caused by the keystore … although I read many posts about that.
So I recommend that you make like a short explanation (video) to go through the process of keystore generation.

Thank you for your time.


Hello sir! I’m having the same problem as you did. And I can’t get anywhere anymore. I need your help. May I know how you did resolve the problem? TIA

You should create a keystore using JDK 15.
In the meanwhile, make sure you match Keystore password / Keystore alias / Keystore alias password when configuring the app to build …
Good luck

Hello Appgyver Team,

I’ve been struggling with the Build android version, but failed twice giving this notification: " Unknown error, contact support for more details."

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