Android Build Failed with Unknown Error

I am having trouble building my Android App and it is failing with an unknown error. I have ironed out the keystore file, app name, firebase json, and passwords, but it is still failing with unknown error on both of the recent build versions. I tried 4.2.35 because my app wasn’t working correctly with the most recent one when I got it to go through the first time. This is a resubmission to correct the issues. Really hoping I didn’t make a mistake in the data entry in the build and hoping for some insight.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Can you please say how to make Keystore file

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Hi! Are you still experiencing this problem? Please let me know your app id and the latest time when you tried to build (approximately) so I can have a look, if you’re still having problems.

@Sam_Prince instructions on how to make a keystore can be found e.g. here :slight_smile: