Android Build Failed!

Hello AppGyver.
Thanks for the great product you have so graciously offered us at no cost. The experience has been good so far except for the build.
My build has failed. I’ve had to spend quite some time figuring out why build is failing.
Can anyone assist? Build ID is 198339

It seems that you have some image URL in your app that doesn’t give a good response when the build is processed. We’ll check this further, but in the mean time if you want to, you can check that your image URLs are all in order.

Alright. Thanks Tomi.
I’ll look through. Could it be because of some image I set to non-visible?

As long as the URL is a working one, I don’t think it matters if some image is non-visible. But if the non-visible images have broken URLs that might have an effect here.

(Our team hasn’t yet had the time to check this issue, but it’s still coming up asap)

I must confess, the build experience has been really frustrating. The build has always failed for about a month. Worse off is the fact that the error log does not quite educate on what went wrong and the documentation does not show how to fix it. I had great expectations that were only met everywhere else except the build.

Hi! This image URL issue should be fixed in 2.X, which is available to build now.

Thanks Mevi. I was able to push a test build today.

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I’m back again. All builds are failing without a log like before. I only get this type of message below:
your build for application xyz ended up failing.

Correct any errors in application build settings and try building again.

Build settings can be found at…

Thanks. I fixed the problem, it was caused by incorrect build settings, precisely the keystore settings. AppGyver is great. I would, however, suggest that the error messages be more descriptive. Thanks Team AppGyver.