Android build fails with "unknown error", app 169788

I’m trying to build my app for the first time and when I attempt an Android build it gives me the error: “Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.”

So, I’m contacting support. Any ideas?

Hi, we’ll look into this. Could you send me the log file that’s included in the errored build? That includes more specific information about he error, so it’s possible that it directly reveals what the issue is.

Sure, it’s attached here.

150704-error.log (636 KB)

It seems that you either have a faulty Keystore file or you’ve used different Keystore password or alias when creating the file compared to what you’ve written into Composer Build service.

I’d suggest you to create a new Keystore file and double-check the password and alias. Here are the guidelines to do that (if you already haven’t found those):

This did it, thanks! A little documentation on that page would be super useful - the terminology doesn’t match Apple’s perfectly, so for those of us new to the process, it’s a little mystifying.

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