Android build issue (package id?)


I keep getting errors for the Android build whatever options I’m trying.

I followed all the steps from the documentation and the Apple build generated fine.

One thing that it’s different from the Apple build configuration - for Apple I could get a package identifier generated in my dev account. I don’t have one for Android (or at least I can’t find any, it seems I would first have to launch the app in order to get one), so I’m just making one up when filling in the build configuration (using the com.myapp template - I’ve tried multiple variants).

I don’t know if this is the issue, but this is something I’ve noticed.
The system says ‘Unknown error, contact support for more details.’

I’m also leaving the log here, hope it helps.

172948-error.log (739.7 KB)


The log seems to say “No key with alias ‘Tara Hategului Retezat Ghid Complet’ found in keystore” . Are you sure the Keystore alias in your build configuration matches with the one you set while generating the keystore?