Android build queued for hours

I noticed this morning when making an Android build that all the previous runtime options were now replaced with a single 3.1.8 choice. A little odd, but ok.

Kicked off a build and it has been showing as queued now for several hours. Build server must be down. Anybody else seeing this?


same story… both for ios and android, my builds are queued since yesterday afternoon although server status indiciate that they are operational…

Me waiting for web build for hours now. Never happened since I started using it.

Me too. Android build queued (and still waiting) for many hours.

I have the same issue.

Same problem :frowning:
Monday morning I have to deliver the new version of the app, we hope that the compiler is back in operation today.

same with me, web app build only , never been like this

@Harri_Sarsa @Mari any chance someone can kick the build server back to life? No builds possible for the last 36 hours or so. Thanks

I have been having the same issue since yesterday. I just hope it’s back up before Monday.

Same here
I have ordered a build on friday afternoon and it is still queued.

Really need this asap

Please bump it on the tracker - the bug is reported but has only two votes:

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unworking build are seriou problem for all developer, appgyver didn’t send any email why build not working , but a lot of us waiting when it will work

Yap 3 days wait for a web build now. @appgyver where are you guys - noone is answering on the status of this.

The last few days with the upgrade to the new UDS the existing apps were full of problems because it was no longer possible to position the elements in absolute mode. After 2 days the builder stops and there is no intervention by the Staff.
I love AppGyver it’s a fantastic tool, but you can’t decide to do invasive upgrades and leave people (who live by developing apps) without assistance for days. For example, tomorrow morning I have to present the new version of the app, and I will not be able to present anything with serious business damage :frowning:
I understand that AppGyver is free but I prefer to pay for this product and know that there is support and that you don’t make invasive upgrade decisions.

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@Roberto_Calcagno feeling kinda the same

Same here. Total face loss. I hope they come back with some solid promises. Or else I’ll have no choice but to move on to something more reliable.

AppGyver CPO here – we hear your frustration. The issue is now fixed as of ~1 hour ago, so you can queue new builds.

The root cause here was an unfortunate human error, and we’ve put measures in place to ensure the same does not happen again – the core infrastructure for the Build Service remains available and functional.

That said, we do need to do better – we do understand that people are relying on the platform availability for business critical work, and this kind of downtime is unacceptable. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and trouble caused, and are working on improvements to the overall processes, which will ensure consistent availability. Apologies and promises are just the start, though – we realize that what’s required next is simply just better, solid performance from us.


Great to hear from you @Harri_Sarsa . Watching your company and learning as an entrepreneur. As developers/entrepreneurs, all we need is to have a little more control over versions, backup/restore and reasonable availability. Rest can go to paid plans in tiers. Kudos to the team.

thank you, we hope , and rely - appgyver would become biggest player in web and mobile app development like wordpress for website

Hi Bout the absolute positioning. Is there a way to position exactly in absolute mode? I haven’t seen this either.It seems to have disappeared in the new update