Android build unknown error


I am getting the following error when trying to build the apk for my app.

Version: 1.9.12
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

I’ve received this twice. The first time I corrected a typo in the alias. But the 2nd attempt is still erroring.

My app id is 103021.

Please could you help ?


There is a known issue making all new first time android builds fail. Fix coming in approx 45 minutes.

Thanks. Can you also confirm that the app identifier can be OR has to ?

I think dashes are not allowed.

Thank you. The dashes were just for clarity.

Hi there.

I’ve since attempted another build after your last message. After waiting in queue for a long time, the build still failed with the same error.

Error log blows up here :slight_smile:
🛑 $ rnv configure -c app_205242 -p android --mono --info --ci - ERRROR! version.split is not a function
TypeError: version.split is not a function
at split (/Users/administrator/app-builder/STAGING/client/node_modules/rnv/src/common.js:270:10)

Any thoughts please to resolve ?


I see you managed to get a build out. You must’ve used a cached version of the app after the update.

I did, thank you.

When I attempt to add this apk to the internal test app release in google play console, I get two warnings in attached image:

These are preventing me from completing the release:


Any ideas please ?

They’re not errors and they are not preventing you from completing the release.

Please take a look at the left hand drawer of your Google Play portal. Look for attention icons there, you’re most likely missing some other action that’s preventing you.

I didn’t say they were errors - i understood they were warnings and that I should be able to proceed. It isn’t obvious from the page, that the problem lies elsewhere. Thank you, i’ve now released the internal test - i just now need to figure out how to get the release to my internal test list of users.

You’re right you didn’t say they are errors, Got confused by context of the other post. Sorry.

tbh both google play and appstore are very confusing. You can always distribute the APK by your own means as well.

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