Android building - Wrong bundle identifier in google-services.json

Hello everyone!

I can not build my app:

Status: error
Message: Wrong bundle identifier in google-services.json.

My app id: 190519

Could anyone help and explain it in details?

Answered here.

This means the bundle id you provide in Composer does not match the one you have listed in your google-services.json

Iā€™m having the same problem and I am not really a tech guy.
Can you give a little more detail how to solve this?


Hi Mevi,

Where do we specify the bundle ID in composer? Is it under connectors? In which case it certainly all looks the same to me. A touch confused.

Cheers, Phil

Yes, it is under Connectors.

My error was actually the package ID which I had around the wrong way in firestore. I think the best way to check for errors here is to open the json file in a text editor and check it against what is being entered in the build configuration.

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